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Independent Medical Assessments (IME)

IMEs are third party health exams for injured or ill employees or plan members.  The reports the employer/insurer get as a result of an IME are an invaluable tool to help benefit managers, case managers and employers make informed decisions about short/long term disability management and help them optimize return to work strategies.  


Functional Ability Evaluations (FAE) / Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE)

These assessments measure a person’s physical capacity and/or limitations to perform various physical tasks and duties.  A functional abilities evaluation can measure a person’s abilities against the demands of their own job, or a more general set of demands as needed in any job

We have many facilities available for one, two and even three day testing programs with highly qualified Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists.

Physical Demands Analysis (PDA)

A PDA is generally conducted to assess whether or not someone can return to their former duties following an illness or accident.  Testing is conducted based on a job description provided by the employer and used by an Occupational Therapist or Physical Therapist, who can measure abilities and limits based on job requirements. Another use of a PDA is to assess whether a potential employee can perform the required physical demands during the job screening process.

Workplace Assessments and Solutions

CompreMed provides both ergonomic and psycho-vocational assessments in the workplace to improve a person’s working experience.  In this type of assessment, the assessor is able to make a detailed analysis of the demands of an individual’s particular job and can identify any safety, health or other occupational hazards.  A workplace assessment tests both the ergonomic and physical influences on a person’s ability to do their job safely and effectively.  Recommendations can be made to modify working environment or on the job itself to reduce any risk of injury or work related stress.  

Occupational Psychiatric Services

We have solutions available for the variety of issues arising from mental health issues in the workplace.  In addition to employee absenteeism caused by mental health issues, there are also issues arising for management in the workplace.  We can help provide strategies and coaching for those supervising an employee diagnosed with a mental health condition.  Consulting services also provide help with employees who are not absent but as a result of mental health issues are not able to perform and contribute in a productive way when they are at work.  We offer training in house and on line.  We provide preventative and proactive solutions customized for your workplace dynamics.