Frequently Asked Questions

CompreMed offers third-party organizations, like insurance companies, public and private sector employers, access to the “perfect” healthcare network. We provide a national network made up of the best specialists and facilities in Canada. The CompreMed Network includes professionals from a full spectrum of specialties.   Additionally, our highly experienced staff are able to help you with the often complex aspects of choosing the correct course of action in a given circumstance.   Often, we advise clients that a medical opinion is not immediately necessary and may suggest another course of action to be taken prior to escalating to an IME or FAE.

CompreMed recognizes the essential role of claims management professionals in returning the claimant to work. It is our goal to assist in this timely return to work. We equip our clients to better manage their cases, by providing quick access to the top healthcare professionals in Canada. We strive to provide the most accurate, objective independent examinations and consultations available. This access allows an arm’s length relationship to providers that will stand up under scrutiny. Getting the best opinions makes sorting out cases (even the most difficult ones) a little easier.

CompreMed is pleased to provide services for all organizations requiring independent assessments, or diagnostic examinations, to assist in the management of illness/injuries, or the processing of claims. For diagnostic imaging, third party organizations scheduling procedures, (MRI, CT or Nuclear Medicine), through CompreMed, must be sure the claimant meets Provincial and Federal regulations for third party eligibility. No queue jumping please!

CompreMed offers these services coast-to-coast. An exciting aspect of the CompreMed Network is that it is needs driven. We can arrange for a provider to perform a procedure in most locations throughout Canada, typically completing all arrangements within 24 – 48 hours of request for service.

Professionals within the CompreMed Network are chosen, based on their qualifications, experience, performance and reputation. We often use the term, “Centre of Excellence” to describe our Network, because many of our providers are associated with, and are often in leadership positions at, major teaching hospitals across Canada. CompreMed providers answer our clients’ questions succinctly and expertly.


We evaluate our providers on every procedure they perform. This on-going evaluation process is based on three-fold analysis; represented by client feedback, peer evaluation and administrative quality. Any provider who does not continue to meet our stringent standards is subject to immediate review.

Not nearly as much as the worst ones do!   Investing in quality up-front has always been the best way to control costs in the long run. Our first concern is quality, but CompreMed’s services are still competitively priced, and very cost-effective. Providers’  fees vary by specialty and geographic location, but to avoid the potential for unpleasant surprises, CompreMed quotes the maximum anticipated fee when we book a procedure. Usually, fees are lower than the quoted price unless the procedure is unduly complicated.


When CompreMed books a procedure, we provide our client with a price estimate, based on the maximum fee the provider might charge for that service. Clients are billed based on the fee actually charged for the service, and often, actual fees are significantly lower than the quoted price.


Billing of services is at the discretion of the provider within the range specified. Our providers’ billing patterns are tracked, and we correlate them with client feedback and our own internal audit of the services, to ensure we are obtaining good value from our providers. Healthcare professionals providing the best value, will be recommended to clients in future bookings.